Chick Cheeep Lite



Manipulate the eggs coming down so that three or more eggs in the same color will line up in the horizontal,
vertical or diagonal direction.
Once three or more eggs line up, each egg will crack to hatch a chick.
When there are eggs of the same color, black eggs, or star eggs nearby, the chick will crack them and then fall.
Falling down to the ground, the chick will rush into the house.
A combo bonus will be given for the successive entries of chicks to the house within a given period of time.

The black egg gets cracked by chicks in any color, whereas a black chick cracks all the nearby eggs in any color.
The star egg is also an alternative to other eggs in any color.

Dragging it right/left on the game screen will move the egg to that direction.
Flicking it downward on the game screen will get the egg to fall.
Tapping the game screen will change the order of eggs.

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