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    Welcome to the first Chinese-English bilingual audio-visual app! Remember the game Snap or Pairs? Well this is the app version, except you also see how the words are spelled and pronounced in both Hebrew and English.
    Its a great Chinese (Mandarin) memory game for having fun and learning some words on the way.
    Children can play the Free Play mode to hear the sounds and learn the words. Adults can do the same or play the Speed Play mode if they want a fast game to test their short term memory while competing against the clock.

    The object of the game is to pair the same two objects. In Free Play mode the player hears the sound of the objects but the game is not timed. This mode is for learning. In Speed Play the objective is to complete a screen in the shortest time possible. The audio is switched off in this mode, the system keeps all the high scores and the user is notified at the end of each game of his achievements. Between the five categories and the two layouts there are ten different games to choose from.
    The Preferences button allows the player to customise their experience.
    There are approximately 200 objects in this app, so the level of interest is retained and the difficulty increases.

    The player needs to pair up the same object in both languages. Whenever a card is pressed, the player hears the word pronounced in either Chinese (Mandarin) or English, sees how it is written, and even sees how to pronounce it phonetically.
    When two cards are pressed that are matched - a 'cheer' sound is heard (in Free Play mode).
    The player can click on a card and then click on it again to turn it upside down.
    There are two different layout configurations for the player to choose from (split and mixed).
    The full paid version has no adverts.

    This game improves memory, visual and auditory association of words and objects, helps the child make the connection between the Chinese (Mandarin) and the equivalent English word and increases their vocabulary.
    It develops the visual, linguistic and hand-and-eye co-ordination of the child and is great fun for child and adult alike!

    All phones and tablets for Android™ (Android is a trademark of Google Inc.)

    Language Sound:
    Chinese (Mandarin)-English (United Kingdom) and Chinese (Mandarin)-English (United States). By default the English accent is set to English (United States). Users who wish to change the accent to English (United Kingdom) can do so via the Preferences button.

    Language Display:
    English and Chinese in phonetic English

    The free app has six categories (Animals, Musical Instruments, Colors, Fruits & Vegs, Mixed, Transportation (locked in first 100 screens) and two layouts (Split and Mixed). The free version also has advertisements.
    This version has close to 200 images and sounds.

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