Chromatiles (Columns Game)



Chromatiles is a minimalist approach to the classic Columns game. As in Tetris, it features a matrix where columns made of 3 blocks fall under the influence of a force that becomes stronger as game advances. The objective is to align 3 or more blocks with the same representation in order to form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.

Columns can be moved left, right, rotated and dropped. As game progresses columns fall faster and faster. How far can you go?

- On-screen, touch-based controls;
- Increasing speed as game advances;
- Bonus and power-ups;
- Game statistics;
- Theme support;
- High scores.

- Chromatiles;
- Chromatiles 3D;
- Jewels.

If you like tile-matching puzzle games, you'll probably also like Chromatiles.

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