Meet the world's deadliest assassin… well, maybe the world's chubbiest assassin.

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User feedback:

"What a great game! Lots of challenging levels that really rack your brain!" -Ganderp77

"Chubby Ninja is one of the most unique playing experiences I have had on a mobile device." -LindsyP

"Whooooaaaah! I love dropping down on top of samurai, that never gets old!" 8ill8rasky

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Creeping through the shadows, Chubby ninja must infiltrate the Shogun's fortress and take out all of his secret Samurai guards. His only challenge (besides being slightly overweight) is that in this fortress it is hard to tell which way is up and which way is down.

Challenge yourself through Twenty-five levels of samurai smashing, ninja star dodging, topsy turvy excitement!

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