ChuChu Rocket!™


ChuChu Rocket!™'s review


ChuChu Rocket! is a board-like puzzle game

  • Three different game modes
  • Challenging
  • Great timewaster
  • Bit childish
  • Graphics could be enhanced

"Help ChuChus to escape to their planet in a rocket"

ChuChus are a cute little space mouse. Gameplay is quite easy: you just need to place arrows to guide Chuchus way by touching a tile when swiping up, down, left or right. Chuchus will always turn clockwise if they run into a wall. Thus, you'll have to place arrows strategically. On your way you'll have to avoid enemies too: space cats that love eating ChuChus. You can use arrows to guide cats away from ChuChus or use them to make ChuChus dribble cats. If a mouse falls down a hole or a cat eats a it, the level will restart automatically.

There are over 500 unique puzzles divided in three different game modes: "Puzzle", which is regular mode (campaign mode). "Challenge" mode: time on stage matters. "Battle" mode in which you have to reach the rockets faster than your three CPU opponents.

The game is set in cute, although a bit childish, graphics. Actually, it could be enhanced graphically. Nonetheless, that's not the most important part on a puzzle game like this. Controls are easy: just need to swipe to place the arrow and tap the "start" button to launch the action.

An entertaining puzzle game for all audiences, although kids will specially love it. Recommendable.

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