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Chuck the Muck is a 2.5D physics-based puzzler

  • Graphics
  • Original gameplay
  • 40 levels, 4 environments
  • Shop to buy costumes that provides special skills
  • Lag and forcecloses on low-end devices

"Chuck must be chucked"

Chuck is a muck, a living piece of goo with a great appetite. Surprisingly, his diet is made up by red floating crystals. Since Chuck is glued to the rock, he'll need a little help from his friend, a critter that would do anything to help the starving muck. Thus, you control the critter in this original physics-based puzzle. You have to smartly use made-of-muck slingshots to chuck the critter and grab the three crystals in the level.

It seems easy, and it certainly is in the first levels. However, guards and other handicaps will be added: you have to avoid them by all means necessary; otherwise you'll have to restart the level. In addition, as you earn crystals, you can purchase costumes from the in-game shop which will provide the critter with special skills. Lots of bonus and achievements will ensure also loads of fun.

2.5D graphics are cool (some 3D elements over a 2D background). It feel like first 3D adventure games regarding scenery. Controls are also easy: you can play with only one finger, drag to make the critter move, slide and hold to load the slingshot, release to chuck. However, the game doesn't run as smooth as expected on low-end devices. I've noticed lag and some forcecloses (tested on a rooted Galaxy S I9000).

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by Manu , Appszoom

May 15, 2013

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