Clear the Board




    Clear the Board is a match two type game where you make matches and try to clear the board. The more you match at a time, the bigger your score! Go for a higher score to get three stars!

    Clear the Board comes with 3 worlds that each have 30 unique levels for you to clear. Have fun clearing the levels and challenge yourself to get three stars!

    1) Fruit Smash is the easiest world; each board has three different fruits for you to smash and wipe from the board.

    2) Bubble Bust is a little more difficult. The boards in this world all have four different bubbles for you to blast off the board.

    3) Jewel Break has the most difficult levels. You will definitely be challenged to break all of the jewels on each board.

    Clear the Board works great on Tablets!

    Clear the Board offers lots of exciting features:
    * Addictive Gameplay
    * Three distinct worlds
    * Hours of Fun
    * Stunning graphics
    * Mute sound

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