Now you can play the cult UK TV game show COUNTDOWN against the CPU, your facebook friends or even complete strangers over 3G/wifi, as you race against the clock in the words, maths and confuzzler rounds to become a ClockWise Champion.

** Game Features **

- Play 5, 9, or 15 round games

- Compete against your friends, family or random opponents

- 128 unique CPU opponents to suit all skill levels

** Gameplay **


Pick 9 letters from the vowel and consonant boxes and then make the longest word you can within 30 seconds. Simply tap the letters to add them to the whiteboard, press CANCEL to start again and SUBMIT when you finish a word.

At the end of the round choose the word you want to declare - will you plump for the safe 6 or go for a risky 7? Find a 9-letter word and you will score double points!


Pick any six numbers from the grid of 24 - the first column contains the numbers 25, 50, 75 and 100, while the remainder contains numbers 1-10.

The target number between 100-999 will appear in the pink box . Tap on the numbers and mathematical symbols to add them to the whiteboard, and each answer will be calculated for you. Tap on the answers to include them in the next calculation as you work towards the target.

Click CANCEL to wipe the board and start again, or SUBMIT to save your solution. You can submit as many solutions as you like and at the end of the round the closest to the target will be declared for you, and points will be awarded depending on how close you got.


The final round could well decide the game. Simply solve the 9-letter anagram as quickly as you can and hit the BUZZER, you’ll then have 7 seconds to enter the correct word or your opponent will get the remaining time to try and steal the 10 points.

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