Coin Shining Dozer



Do you like to collect coins? This app is definitely for you!

--> Endless hours of fun with 3 different types of unique games!

--> Hone your creativity and observation skills as you remember where the similar pictures are and pair them up.

--> Play difficult puzzles where you get to unscramble and scramble the tiles and get to solve it by moving the puzzle pieces all around to make it into a perfect picture again!

--> Play brick game today with different types of coins on your background!

How to Play: Arrange the bricks on top of one another so that each of them stacks up perfectly in a rectangular shape. If the stacks are of the same color, they will earn you points and the whole stack will be lowered. Your aim is to not let the blocks stack up till they reach the brim, without them aligning perfectly.

--> Watch video of shining and dazzling coins from all over the world.

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