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Follow the dots and create beautiful animals and items

  • Fun game
  • Helps them learn
  • Overall, no complaints

"Dots and characters"

Connect the Dots Dinosaurs is an application made especially for kids that can improve their number knowledge and logic skills. The app consists of a series of numbered dots, which the kid needs to link in order so as to obtain the final result.

The final result will always be in this case, beautifully designed dinosaurs and, as the game develops, the number of dots will increase. The graphics of the app are very appropriate for the type of game and really appealing to kids, and you know how kids are regarding their beloved dinos. Every number and species will be said out loud, so it can be useful not only to English-speaking kids, but also for anyone learning this language. In addition, dinosaur names are often misspelled or badly pronounced, and this app can be of help to prevent that.

IPV Solutions is the developer of both Connect The Dots Ultimate and this Dinosaurs version.

An entertaining game for kids from all ages.

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