Connect the Dots



Welcome to Connect the Dots!

Connect the Dots has 4 different game modes:

1 - Arcade game with 2 dots: connect the two dots of the same color without overlapping other connections

2 - Arcade game with 3 dots: connect the three dots of the same color, without overlapping other connections, and keeping the order of the numbered dots!

3 - Time Bomb, play the 2 dots arcade mode, but with time bombs that will explode if you are not quick enough to connect the dot with the bomb!!

4 - Infinitron mode - A mix of all game modes, with endless play, for fun and score. Beware of the time bomb levels, because they will make you lose Infinitron!

** NOTE: to remove a path, just keep pressing on one of the dots that composes the path! **

Connect the dots is completely ***FREE***, ALL upgrades and additional levels will always be free.

Don't pay for hints, just play and earn them!


- Hundreds of boards
- From 5x5 to 10x10 squares
- 8 different dot colors
- Infinitron mode
- Everything is and will always be ***FREE***

Coming soon:

- More simultaneous colors
- Hundreds of harder and more exciting boards for each gameplay

Enjoy Connect the Dots!!

Don't miss the new features that will be coming soon to "Connect the Dots" !

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