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Rearrange the tiles and enable your character to move across the beautiful designs

  • Original and great idea
  • Excellent graphics and smooth controls
  • Really fun and challenging
  • Combines puzzle and platformer

"Continuing the fun"

And here it is! Continuity 2 is the sequel to Continuity, a really popular game that had a huge success and now it's available for Android, having even won some awards.

At first sight, it might seem like the typical platformer but the twist is that the different tiles are disorganized and in order for the main character to run and pass the levels, you should rearrange them so he can collect the key and unlock the door. That said, it can be described Continuity as a mix between action platformer and a challenging puzzle which you'll need to solve as quickly as possible.

As for the controls, simply tap on the left or right side of the screen for your character to run, swipe upwards to make him jump and arrange the tiles when zoomed out -double tap to zoom in and out-. Besides completing each level, you should try to beat the minimum time.

Noodlecake Studios Inc is the developer of Continuity 2 Lite and full version, in case you love it and want to continue playing for a while. Definitely, this is one of the best games we have played recently, with outstanding graphics, a great design, an original gameplay and useful tutorials for begginers. Also, the controls work perfectly. Don't miss it, you will be addicted in no time.

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