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Cranky Cat's Bubble Pop!'s review

by Peter Warrior

Believe it or not, Cranky Cat reinvents how to blast color bubbles.

  • Music, voice and graphics
  • Gameplay and game modes
  • No ads
  • Laggy menus

"Cat Steam Punk Puzzle Bubble"

When we believed that there couldn't be more reinterpretations of Puzzle Bubble and no one would dare to try something new in Bustamoveland, a Toronto based animation studio called March Entertainment Inc. surprises us pleasantly announcing Cranky Cat.

To play Cranky Cat you have to burst bubbles aligning three of the same color. There're some orbs with special properties that can help or bother you. The main novelty is that instead of shooting from the bottom upwards, orbs come randomly from any cardinal point and you have to burst the orbs gathered in the middle of the screen. To do so, drag clock or counterclockwise the tangle of color balls to rotate it.

The game can be played this way and is quite interesting yet too easy.However, if you tap on settings and change the control to 'tilt' it's when Cranky Cat gameplay becomes something that could only be defined as diabolical. Be prepared to a game as challenging as to drive you nuts. The fiendish combo of circus music and tilt control is something that only the true gamers are able to withstand.It's been a long time since we played such an addictive game. Be forewarned.

In addition, graphics are far better than anything you could expect from a casual bubble blaster game; just in case we haven't mentioned it, music is awesome and, as an added value, there's a sort of a plot and a step by step tutorial. Scores can be uploaded via Openfeint. Game runs smooth as silk, something appreciated since a lot of precision is needed at higher levels.

An excellent game, with just two drawbacks: we haven't found how to quit the game beyond tapping on home and killing the app manually; the back and menu buttons are disabled and there isn't any 'quit' button to tap on. Two, moving through menu options is rather slow since every save or back step requires a couple of seconds loading.

This is an incomplete version of the game, as there aren't all levels and it misses one game mode. But it's anyway absolutely enjoyable. Sure you'll have time to purchase the complete version then. Even, if you prefer, you can pay 1$ to unlock only a certain game mode. Whether you do, they there at March Entertainment deserve every cent they earn.

This game was featured in one of our videoreviews. Watch it here.

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