Crossword Collection Vol.2



- Interface, words and clues in English.
- The package includes 15 original crossword puzzles.
- Game grid size: 9x12 boxes.
- Embedded solutions, always available.
- Data auto saving.
- Auto check solution.
- Optimized virtual keyboard.
The program allows to solve 15 original crossword puzzles, all in English. From the main menu you can access the list of crossword puzzles or quickly resume from the last used schema.
The grid is 9 boxes wide and 12 high. The definition for the current row or column appears in the bottom pane. The green arrow indicates the direction of the current definition (horizontal or vertical). To switch modes touch the pane with a finger.
The keyboard changes shape and position based on the current selected box. In addition to the letters of the alphabet, it also contains a button to clear the contents of the current box, the arrow keys to move the selection back and forth and a button to hide the keyboard.