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    This is the crossword solver that rivals all other crossword puzzle solvers found in the market. Instead of solving based on purely letter count of each word, etc, this solver has the ability to use CONTEXT such as the actual clue given in the puzzle. A very useful crossword puzzle helper to bring along with you!

    For example, the clue "enemy of Perseus" with the pattern "M5" will return MEDUSA as one of the possible words!

    **Note that this free version runs on the older cluttered interface. The premium version has a revamped cleaner interface.**

    There are two main steps.

    1. Enter a hint or a clue.
    - This would typically be the actual clue on the crossword
    - e.g. Ottoman dynasty founder, Helen of _
    - Underscores can be used to replace blanks

    2. Enter a pattern.
    - A number represents unknown letters.
    - e.g. for a five letter words with all letters unknown, 5 will be the pattern
    - alternatively, question marks (?) or periods (.) can be used to represent each unknown character
    - i.e. 5 is the same as ????? and .....
    - letters which are known can be placed in the pattern, e.g. R4 means a word starting with R followed by 4 unknowns
    - e.g. for the word horseman, for which only the letters H and S are revealed, H2S4, H??S???? are both possible input patterns

    - The search engine is based outside of the app (hence the small size) and thus requires internet connection.
    - The data retrieved is relatively small so you don't have to worry about data usage
    - As this is a free version, advertisements will be present.
    - Free version also means that the number of queries is limited to 15 per day.
    - To remove ads and have unlimited queries, consider getting the [Premium] version. I'm being realistic here as server rental isn't particularly cheap.
    - Premium version is available here:

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