Cubic Factory (Q1319 Factory)




▶ Matching colored courier boxes
To clear each stage, send the boxes to the matching colored finish line.
There are five different colors of the boxes - red, yellow, blue, green and black.

▶ CLICK CLICK the rails!
Select the matching colored rail to create a railway to deliver the boxes.
(There are two types of railways – one rotates 90 degree and the other moves up and down.
Maneuver the railways to prevent the boxes from exploding!

▶ Assort the boxes
When the boxes are delivered to the same colored finish line, the combo points will be earned
Click to gain triple stars!
Black boxes shouldn’t be sent out to the finish line. They are the faulty ones.
Send them off the rail or between the rails so that they can explode.

This game is containing 100 stages.

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