Cubory - 3D Memory Game



Cubory is a 3D twist of the classic game Memory.

Cubory is not like regular Memory games, not only do you need to know how the tiles are in relation to each other but also which side of the cube they are on.

* Three themes (Images, Sounds and Math)
* Three levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard)
* Static and random cubes
* Three cubes for each difficulty and theme
* Highscores and medals
* Intuitive gameplay

There are three difficulty levels, one very easy where you have to match 6 tiles to 3 pairs, one little harder where you have to match 24 tiles to 12 pairs and one hard where you have to match 54 tiles to 27 pairs.

For each difficulty, there are three themes, one image theme where you match images, one sound theme where you match sounds and one math theme where you match the sum of one tile with the sum of another tile.

For every level of difficulty and theme, there are two static and one random cube. In the static cubes the tiles are always in the same places (it is possible to learn a whole cube by heart). On the random cube tiles are placed at random after each restart from the game menu.

You get positive score for matched pairs and negative score for missed pairs. It is possible to get maximum score on all cubes.

Initially, some cubes are locked. These are unlocked when you get medals of certain denominations.

It is easy to control the cube, swipe your finger across the screen to rotate the cube and tap on a tile to turn it up. Hold your finger down or pull in any direction to deselect a selected tile. You can also zoom in and out.

The design of the cube with different colors and markings on the sides, make sure you know which side is which and what's up and what's down.

All in all, Cubory includes 27 cubes with a total of 756 tiles and 378 pairs.

If you like Memory games, why not try Cubory?

Have fun with Cubory!

NOTE: Cubory hasn't been tested on all compatible android devices yet, so we recommend trying Cubory Lite first.

If there is any complications with the game, please contact us at:

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