Curse Breakers : Paranormal


Curse Breakers : Paranormal's review

by Peter Warrior

A point and tap adventure

  • Free, ad-supported
  • Puzzles and minigames
  • Poor touch response
  • No in-game hints or help

"Have you ever felt the cold breath of death on..."

In CB: Paranormal, you embody a parapsychologist looking for hints of unusual activity a in a long time abandoned house far on the outskirts. As it would be expected, it's a haunted house, so once the investigation begins a festival of ghosts, wraiths and wandering souls storm into the story, let alone several corpses and even more evil entities.

This second installment of Curse Breakers is a point and click adventure, too: You have to explore the house and tap on items and places to interact with them. You'll discover codes and puzzles (some of them, little minigames) in order to unfold the story and know what happened there in the past and why are happening these apparitions now. Game's quite interesting, however touch response is disappointing and leaves you wondering whether you have actually tapped on something or not, or what you have missed so far. In certain puzzles, this flaw can be enervating. In the end, if you get stuck it might happen that you go over every single room tapping on every part of the screen.

Anyway, it's free, ad-supported, with no strange permissions to be run and no in-app purchases.

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Apr 17, 2013

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