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Demolition Inc. THD is an original city management game

  • 3D graphics
  • Physics
  • Original
  • High playability
  • There isn't lite/trial version

"Destruction chain reaction"

NOTE: Be ready to download an extra package (60.90 MB). This version is also for non-Tegra devices. Enjoy it!

After reaching great success since its first release for PC on September 2011, Demolition Inc. HD (by Zeroscale games) comes to Android with same expectations thanks to HD optimization. First contact we've with the Android version of Demolition Inc. was at its pitch at 8th IMGA (MWC 2012). Three months later here it is.

Assume the role of a demolition alien worker called Mike who navigates on an UFO with a clear mission: start a devastating chain reaction on Earth. At first sight, it seems a city management game like Sim City. However, the purpose is here isn't to build but to smash up building, reducing the city to rubble. Of course, Mike's contract includes cleaning the rubbish up.

Mike's will use different hilarious items to devastate the city from its UFO: exploding cows, earthquakes, wrecking ball, mind control over drivers and many other, with an amazing performance. Resources aren't unlimited in each level, so use them efficiently. Actually, it becomes sometimes a brain-training exercise, when you have to choose among your weapons to destroy different size/structure targets. Complete the level as faster as you can to get more stars: the more stars you get the more skills and levels you unlock. That implies that you'll need to re-play levels in case you haven't got enough stars to continue.

There are two game modes: Campaign and Rampage Mode. The latter allows you to play unlocked levels with unlock weapons and skills. This mode is a great idea to play at your pace and improve your skills.

Physics and 3D graphics are some of the strongest point of this game. Of course, its original theme and high playability make the difference. Its main catch: the price, it's a bit expensive (although it's worth the price) and there isn't trial or lite version.

The re-invention of city management games. In one word: HIT.

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