Devil's Attorney


Devil's Attorney's review

by Peter Warrior

A game about...judges and judgements.

  • Originality
  • Outstanding design
  • Making use of the right to not declare against ourselves

"With the permission of the court  "

Lawyers aren't popular in real life, so nobody should be struck that they aren't in videogames either. Devil's Attorney doesn't even try to make that cliche better, as it might be inspired by the worst chapters of Ally McBeal.

Just a moment? A game about lawyers and judges and courts? How can this be? Wouldn't it be a "lawyer defense" or an "angry lawyers" instead? Devil's Attorney is, essentially, a strategy game. You have a limited amount of points to spend in your skills, Proofs and events (unexpected witness!) can boost your score, while witty prosecutors might thwart your fallacy based-strategy.

Game includes nearly sixty cases, mainly concerning hopeless evildoers. However, everybody deserves to be represented by a competent attorney, and there's where you, a young and overambitious lawyer can get his piece of cake from that huge cake shop called legal system.

Graphic and sound are awesome and gameplay, though it isn't as replayable as we'd like, it's one of the most original we have found so far this year. Therefore, unless you are too much into kill'em-all games, here's your smart dose of no-nonsense gaming.

There are no more questions, your Honor.

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