Game ideas taken from the celebration of Nyepi in Bali, the island's most exotic tourist destinations in the world. Nyepi is a part of Balinese culture that gives the Earth a day to rest and people to reflect on himself.

Ogoh-Ogoh ritual performed once a year, a day before Nyepi. The show is full of magical and spectacular, attracting all the negative energy of nature in the Ogoh-Ogoh embodiment of creepy. Ogoh-ogoh in procession around the village and burned. After that the Balinese believe that Nature is full of positive energy, bring peace to nature and the human mind.

In these games, we gather a negative force in the form of Ogoh-Ogoh to be returned in its place. Humans need a struggle to beat his own (6 enemy/level) through the balance of mind and soul to return to happiness.

The show was the only one in Bali, Bali's cultural heritage is now can be enjoyed all around the world through these Games D'Kala. World peace begins with peaceful nature, mind and mankind. Welcome to use this game ... D'Kala

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