Doodle Cat


Doodle Cat's review

by Peter Warrior

A game where you have to find all the possible combinations.

  • Overwhelming cuteness
  • Great animations
  • Overall, excellent design.
  • Trial and error gameplay

"Purr+meow=ball of yarn"

Doodle games, in which you have to combine two elements to create a third till you unlock them all, can be considered an about to be exhausted genre. They peaked too fast and they fell even faster. Fortunately, there's still room to improvement, and here's Doodle Cat to proof it. Therefore, goes in advance that if you haven't ever played a combination game, this game is perfect to start; moreover, if you played similar games before but became bored of them you can move on to Doodle Cat to check how everything can simply get better.

Doodle Cat adds two interesting features to the genre: first, animations. You will get a nice animation every time you unlock a new combination, when you drag some characters or when you do nothing at all. Secondly, a note with all the available items so far, every one with a tickable and untickable checkbox to avoid that clumsy sensation of checking every possible combination twice or thrice just to get sure you have tried it out. In addition, there's been an effort to not set aside sounds and music, giving an overall feeling of a very well designed and thought game. Game's free and without ads, though you can get additional hints and items through an in-app purchase. The only flaw we have been able to point out is that combinations tend to be fun yet too absurd, so game wanes into a spiral of trial and error.

Lastly, although it might be a coincidence or an influence, but if you are a fan of Simon's Cat on Youtube you will love Doodle Cat. They have to be cousins or come from the same litter. In the end, a great game, suited for all audiences, a nice non-violent time waster and a fresh air into the genre.

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Jul 12, 2012

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