Doptrix's review

by Peter Warrior

"A puzzle twist of Tetris"

  • Original and well-thought concept.
  • Graphics and sound basic as possible.

"No Cossack dancing, though"

Just when we believed that there wasn't any further way to tweak Tetris, these guys arrive and bring with them what we could say is a "deconstruction" of Tetris, as if they were brought the principles of haute cuisine to the Androidverse.

Imagine a Tetris where you can take all time in the world to choose your move. In addition, imagine you can turn the board not only left or rightwards, but also flip as if it was a mirror. Wouldn't it be easier?

The asnwer is no. The answer should be "it would be Doptrix". Doptrix exchanges the thrilling insane Tetris action for a more paused and brain racking gameplay. And don't think you can easily get rid of it, there are three games modes and all three are interesting enough to get you hooked for hours. However, we should recommend to start from classic mode, where you'll find the classic Tetris pieces; and then try the other two out.

Therefore, vector graphics and poor canned sound effects. Awesome gameplay, and one of the best and most original puzzles so far for Android. Recommended if you like puzzles, even more recommended if you don't.

This free version comes with half the boards and stages from the complete version.

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Jun 05, 2012

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