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Dots and Boxes (sometimes called "Squares") brings the classic paper and pencil game to your mobile device. You can play against up to three computer or human opponents in a variety of game modes. Each player takes turns to draw a line between a dot on the game area, and if you complete a box you score a point and get another go. The player who completes the most boxes in a round wins.

This game features:
1) Support for up to four computer or human players.
2) Advanced computer intelligence with four levels of computer difficulty - from very easy through to hard.
3) Several game modes to choose from, including challenge, points and stamina modes.
4) Customize each players name, initial and color.
5) Varying grid sizes, up to 10x10 squares.
6) Option to continue game, so you needn't play through all levels in one go.
7) Scoreloop integration with online leaderboard and achievements.
8) Ability to undo the last move made in a game.

Game modes include:
* Challenge mode - move through progressively harder levels against the computer.
* Points mode - score different points for each square, adding a new dimension to the classic game.
* Stamina mode - select easy, medium or hard and complete as many levels as possible before losing all your "lives".
* Classic mode - choose human and/or computer components on the grid of your choice.

The game will highlight moves made by the computer, and includes a number of options for customizing game play and sound.

I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you may have to improve the game further, please either email me or put them in a comment. This game does include a small banner advert at the top of the game area.

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