Draw the Line(삭제)




'Draw the line' is English version of 'Line Star'.
Draw the Line is all about drawing! And lines! And penguins! And FUN! Hmm? You want to know how to play, you say? Well for starters, you gotta trace along each design without removing your finger from the screen and without tracing over the same line twice. Sounds simple, right? But wait, there’s more!

There are three stars spread across each design that you can collect, but only if you’re fast enough—after a set amount of time, each star disappears!

You can use your stars to move to the next package, or to buy hints. Be careful, though! If you buy too many hints, you won’t be able to move to the next Package!

If you used all your stars, don’t fret! For a meager sum, you can purchase access to the next Package! :D

- Cancel: Take back your last line

- Start Over: Play the stage again from the beginning

- Hint: For use when you’re stuck, but beware! Using hints will cost you stars

- Sound: Turn the sound on or off