Minesweeper clone for Android powered phones and tablets.

Put to test your logical and strategical thinking and clear the minefield as soon as you can, without detonating a mine.

droidMines has four boards to choose from
- Beginner : 81 tiles, 12 mines
- Intermediate : 256 tiles, 48 mines
- Advanced : 256 tiles, 72 mines
- Expert : 384 tiles, 120 mines

- 4 difficulty levels to choose from
- Scrollable game area with option to Zoom In / Zoom Out
- Nice, clean graphics and easy to use interface

The game integrates with Google+. Sign in with your Google+ account to
1. Unlock the achievements - total 8 achievements to be unlocked.
2. Leaderboards for each difficulty level to share and compare your scores within your Circles or with Public

How to play:

- if you uncover a mine - the game ends
- if you uncover an empty square - the game continues
- if you uncover a number - the displayed number tells you how many mines lay hidden in the eight surrounding squares

- if you suspect that the square is empty, tap on it to uncover it
- if you suspect a square has a mine, 'long press' on it to place a flag; if you're not sure, 'long press' again to make it a question mark

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