Most of the released games not aimed at immersion in the game atmosphere and complete "examination" of the game, many users interested in the game for a few minutes - to pass the time. That's just such a game, and may include "Uzza Droids", it does not need to "sit" and think for hours.

    The game consists of the fact that we are helping, "droids" collect discs. Certain mechanisms of fly wheels, and we touch on one or another Droid pick them. Characters, exactly as the disks of different colors and everyone should get the appropriate color. If the green character of "grab" green disc, he received dozens, if different, for example - yellow, already one ball. Grasping everything do not need as many points we get, and here is the main thing!

    Levels in the game is not so much - only 10, but if they overplay gradually improving the result, then this quantity is more than enough. And the game "Uzza Droids" is not designed for what you'll spend hours playing it. The purpose of the game "Uzza Droids" is to help you to part with a few minutes of real time.

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