Dumb words 1000 + .




    Dumb words 1000 + .

    What clues from the images displayed. Is a comic icon and portrait paintings . What clues can be done from a number of channels that are all within the tire and the word aphorism epigram and vocabulary to practice skills , ideas, understanding the results is as thick as the next person . players and the people around you .

    A hint of this guessing game . Tone design simplicity. Comfortable and suitable for all ages , whether they are young children, older adults, women, men, other wise .

    Players can play from 1 - no limit . Can be played at any location , be it at work, at play, at the time of ride time to eat at the other partner .

    The easy difficulty level is easy . And for those who are too simple to IQ level is very low . Apple was able to play it.

    Skills used in playing the game. Not hard at all, it must have been clearly stated .

    Help with all four wizard.

    - Lighting Solutions hint 1 .
    - Scissors literally not out.
    - And the answer to the next level .
    - So much to share through shared friends. The help you can .

    Lighting up 195 # # # #.

    Next release.

    Activity recording .
    Help add more .

    File Size 4.9M.

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