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    EARS TRAINER PRO IS A FUN ADDICTIVE GAME THAT INCREASES YOUR ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE MUSICAL NOTES. Relative pitch is an essential professional skill required to be able to play with other musicians. It also enhances the enjoyment of listening to any kind of music.

    Unlike perfect pitch (a rare genetic ability which cannot be taught), relative pitch is quite common among musicians, especially musicians who are used to "playing by ear", and a precise relative pitch is a constant characteristic among good musicians. Relative pitch can be developed through ear training.


    (1) Press the green top left side button that is titled Random Note to hear a musical tone.

    (2) Press one of the twelve right side note buttons to make your choice of what note has been played.

    (3) A correct answer will move you up the ladder of success. The object of the game is to reach "Musical Genius" where your score will be displayed.

    (4) Pressing the purple Reset Game button will start a new game. The Beginners mode will give you help in your decision and is a good way to get started. The Advanced mode will be the true test of your skill.

    (5) This paid version will also allow you to track your progress over time with high and low scores and average score. As your musical skill improves you will be able to play by ear easier and hear more complexity in all music. Enjoy!

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