El Coyote



El coyote is a Mexican board game similar to fox and the geese, except this is played in a different board configuration with different rules.

The game is played with twelve pieces, each one representing the sheep and one piece representing the coyote.
The game is normally played between two players, except with this game you have the option to challenge yourself against the coyote (IA) by playing the sheep.

The sheep and coyote are pre-arranged to start the game.
The objective of the game for the sheep:
The ultimate goal of the sheep is to corner the coyote in one of the four corners.
The best practical way to corner the coyote is to move the sheep evenly and balanced across the board.
The sheep should move evenly in a manner where they avoid leaving an empty spot to avoid being jump/eaten by the coyote.

The objective of the game for the coyote:
To avoid being corner by the sheep, this is best done by moving to the best available spot on the board which will allow the coyote to position itself so that it can jump a sheep adjacent to it. The coyote’s jump can only be made if there are available spots on the other side of any of the sheep adjacent to the coyote.

The coyote wins if:
If more than three sheep are jumped (eaten)

The Sheep win if:
If they can corner the coyote in any one of the four corners.

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