English Test(Japanese)

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    Testing your English with Japanese words. We have free game with advertisement in the market. Playing this edition you don't have to see advertisement and you can review words you didn't answer rightly at the begging of the game.If you are already familiar with the word, press long on the word and drag it out, then it will not be shown. When the word is shown, you can click on it(not to long), it will show you the meaning of that word.
    You can choose to join cat or dog side. And the score of yours will be added to your team. The higher score team will get special items for playing game.
    How to play: touch on the right Japanese words match the question.
    After game,You can post your score on Facebook if you touch on the Facebook button.
    During the game,you can touch items like glasses or sandglass for special function.Press submit button at the end of the game, you can compare you score with others.

    Tags: japanese/english test , test in japanese and english