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This app helps you play better at games such as Word Feud or Scrabble. Use English Word Finder to search for new words when you have difficult letter combinations.

English Word Finder has a built-in dictionary with almost 300.000 english words. The word list is stored offline,
so you don't need an internet connection to use this app.

The dictionary that is used is one of the official Scrabble tournament dictionaries. English Word Finder uses the same dictionary as Word Feud which makes it the perfect tool when you are stuck in a game of Word Feud. But it's also useful when you are playing other word games or if you just want to use it as an ordinary dictionary.

You can enter which letters you want to include in your search, e.g. letters you are given in games like Word Feud.
Then you can specify if you want a certain combination of letters in the beginning, middle or the end of the word. Use a questionmark to represent a blank tile. This way you can perform searches that are custom made for the game you are playing.

The result of a search is sorted according to the word score in games such as Word Feud and Scrabble so you can easily choose the best word. You can also sort the results alphabetically or according to word length.

The app requires a bit of space to store the internal dictionary. We support Apps2SD if you prefer to install it on the external sd-card.

We continuously try to improve the space requirements of the app and add new updates and features. If you have any suggestions, please contact the developer.

If you want a word finder in other languages search for it on Market. Our Swedish app is called "Swedish Word Finder".

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