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    Enigma requires you to use all your powers of deductive reasoning to crack the code at the master level. Why not see if you are the family mastermind?

    The objective of the game of Enigma is to discover a hidden sequence of pieces in the shortest number of turns. The game begins with the computer creating a hidden sequence of pieces. The number of pieces in the sequence, the total number of pieces that may be used and whether a sequence may contain duplicate pieces is determined by the current level of difficulty.

    The hidden sequence is discovered by making a series of “guesses” as to its’ content. As each guess is made, it is checked against the hidden sequence and clues as to its accuracy are displayed.

    For each level of difficulty there is a maximum number of guesses that can be made. If the hidden sequence is discovered within this limit, the game has been won.

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    Game features:
    * Multiple levels of play, ranging from beginner to expert.
    * Stunning graphics with choice of boards and piece sets.
    * Highly addictive game-play.
    * Choice of multiple backgrounds
    * Full player statistics, we dare you to show your boss the number of games you’ve played
    * Enigma is just one of our large collection of best of breed classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.

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