Equalo Math balance game



Equalo - the Math Balance game
Equalo is an addictive math brain game.
The math game challenges you to prove your number skills !
Equalo is an enjoyable yet brain picking game where you need to balance using numbers given.
Use your mind and balance numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division operations.
Balancing the sides looks like a simple puzzle but the numbers and operators do the trick and bring excitement, challenge and fun !

=== Equalo Game levels ===
Equalo has various levels of challenge and excitement.
The first level of Equalo gives One minute challenge.
The games included in first level of Equalo - math balance game are
1. Chose whether the math sum - answer is correct or wrong
2. Chose the correct math operator
The second level of Equalo gives addition and subtraction in this level. You need to keep in mind the operators and balance. Numbers to add or subtract are between 1 to 20 in the first level.
The next levels increase the number range and difficulty. Also player can play game with various math operators like Addition game , Subtraction game, Multiplication game, Division game. Excellent for school students to practice and sharpen their math skills.
The Invisible level of Equalo called 'What is the Number' brings new dimension and excitement to the game.
Here you have the opportunity to balance by adding or subtracting numbers
This is an great game for for everyone - good brain test and you can improve your math calculations speed. - after playing this game regularly, you can start to calculate faster - easy and fun way to build basic math skills Equalo can provide a set of daily brain training drills and exercises and also math drills and exercises.

=== Equalo Game Educational Value ===
The player will learn and gain expertise in many math skills . Master number skills Learn Counting skills Addition skills expertise Learn Subtraction Learn Multiplication Learn Division skills
The testers say: Equalo is one of the best math, puzzle game and mind game app available with a great user interface ! Great brain exercise and math workout, mental workout, brain puzzle, mathematics game, brain teaser, educational game, math game, game for children and also a family game. If you love to play games like scrabble, mahjong, dominoes, word games, number games, number puzzles then you would love and get addicted to Equalo.

=== Unique features of the game ===
• Equalo Math balance game will help players learn and gain expertise in many math skills .
• Equalo is one of the best math, puzzle game and mind game app available with a great user interface !
• Master Counting skills, Addition skills expertise, Subtraction skills, Multiplication skills, Division skills

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