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Solve the puzzles to escape the rooms

  • It made me listen to R. Kelly
  • Unoriginal, boring iteration of the escape genre
  • Terrible music

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"Trapped in the closet (well, a small room anyway)"

Escape Challenge from putsisgames made me remember R. Kelly's magnum opus, so I thank it for that. Apart from the musical interlude blast from the past, there's not much to find in these isolated puzzle rooms.

Progress through the locked door of each of ten rooms by poking around the furniture to find hidden clues, most frequently taking the form of a series of numbers you'll have to apply to a lock elsewhere in the room. Sometimes you'll use found objects to solve a puzzle instead, like ingeniously checking underneath the dark sofa with a flashlight.

The music is gratingly bad, but luckily you can turn it off. The visuals are sort of passable, but nothing to write home about.

Escape Challenge is far too easy and completely unoriginal. Give it a go if you like falsely inflating your sense of achievement.

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