Fancy Jigsaw:Bird Watching




    Fancy JigSaw is a classic puzzle game. Drag the Bird Watching pieces to the right place to re-establish the full picture. Don't sweat it if you are unable to solve the puzzle easily. You can use the peek button to preview the original image.
    There are 100 levels in this game. The further you advance, the more challenging the puzzle becomes. This app also allows you to save the Bird Watching images to your SD .

    Bird Watchin gedition is an application that contains numerous hi-res and beautiful bird photographs.Some of them are endangered, some thrive in their environment, but they all are unique. From vultures and eagles to falcons and owls, you'll find a lot to admire in these predatory feathered friends.

    Cool Features Include:
    - More than 100 pictures of Bird Watching
    - Multiple difficulty levels (from 3*3 to the most difficult 7*7).
    - Save to phone album function.
    - Images gallery and difficulty selection.

    Fancy JigSaw is suitable for a wide range of audiences, Many different modes and pictures in the game will keep you excited and entertained for a long time.

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