Feed Me Oil


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A simple liquid-physics puzzle game with unique graphics.

  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Cool cartoony graphics
  • Hidden items
  • Glitchy game rotation
  • Limited options
  • No save

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"Big Oil Is Going Down"


Feed Me Oil for Android is a physics-based puzzle game where you must guide a stream of oil into the mouth of the bacterium that wants to eat it. You'll have to navigate around obstacles and can collect points and various items as you go along. While it has some promise, the fact that this is a trial version may limit its appeal.


The sound track and audio effects are great. The simple cartoony graphics are unique and complementary to the gameplay. The hidden aspects of levels increases player engagement and replayability. It can get quite challenging at times.


Bar rotation failed completely on level two. The game needed to be reloaded. The free version is pretty limited, you'll likely wind up buying the full version anyway. It doesn't save your progress.

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by William

Jul 24, 2015

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