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    Published: 2012-09-19, by .

    Move the blue do so as to make the penguin eat all the sweets and light the bulbs

    • Graphics and physics are excellent
    • Really fun, gets harder
    • Addictive

    "The penguin and the sweets"

    Feed the Penguin is an extremely fun game where you need to help the penguins eat all the sweets in order to complete the level. How? Create a path by dragging the blue dots and collect all the light bulbs too. Whenever you feel you got it right, just tap on the play button and see if the sequence works well.

    As you advance through the levels, the challenge will increase and you'll need to be careful with the plugs, as you can get electrocuted and the several spiders that will make the way even harder.

    Avko Labs LLC is the developer of Feed The Penguin, a really great discovery which we have loved. The gameplay might not be the most original one yet but it's really enjoyable and above all: really fun to play. As an advantage, the physic animations and the graphics are excellent, better than most of the games we usually play with.

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