Find 3 Diffs--Landscape




    With 30 awesome scenery photos + Compare the pictures and find the differences .
    You are required to tap the place of difference between the two similar pictures within the time end up. Find spots the quicker, score goes the higher.
    You may use magnify lens to get hint, these lenses require score to acquire. Classical find different spots game, waiting for your challenge!

    How long time can you find out 3 tiny differences in 2 similar photos?
    The faster you find 3 out, the higher score you earned.
    Each500 score get an extra hint reward.
    Use magnify lens tool when process bar runs too fast!
    Simple and fun!

    ★How to Play★
    Find the differences between the two pictures shown, then touch on either photo to mark the difference. If you fall to find a picture error,You may click the "magnifying glass" on the lower-right corner of the screen, For help.

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