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    Flags Quiz Game is best world flags puzzle app with online scoreboard and multi-player challenge! Better than any IPhone Appstore analogue.

    The addictive app supports two different game modes, Hints and clues and worldwide high score leader-board.

    Use hints if you don't know the answer to complete the game!
    Learn flags of world countries with this fun game.

    Learn and train your memory and brain in this educational, fun game.

    Flags are displayed and one at a time, you must guess the country of the flag.

    Guess The Flag !!

    This is a simple national flags quiz. How many questions can you answer? There are two mode, regular educative and online challenge against other players.

    Memorizing countries flags is good for the education of children.
    They also can learn world geography and interesting facts about the country from educative intelligent hints.
    Highly recommended for children & mothers.
    Will help to learn euro football 2012 flags.
    Suitable for all ages.

    === FEATURES ===
    - Regular Quiz - excellent brain game!
    - Worldwide Scoreboard - see others
    - Online challenge - is a speed/brain game mode!

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