Flashcards - Spanish 1



This wonderful educational app consists of multiple comprehensive sets of Flash Cards geared for learning basic words in Spanish. Flash Cards - Spanish 1 is the perfect app for children who are learning a second language. It's also a great learning tool for anyone who is just starting off with an early introductory to the Spanish language. We've selected some of our favorite vibrant and stunning images to be incorporated into these various sets of interactive flash cards. Just tap the screen to get an audio answer (in Spanish), along with the spelling of the word in Spanish (and in English)! All Spanish in this app is consistent with how it would be presented in a classroom setting.

App Features:

-A wonderful and visually pleasing learning tool perfect for kids or anyone starting out learning Spanish
-Choose from multiple sets and categories
-Interactive flashcards – tap the card on the screen to get the “answer” as both audio (Spanish pronunciation) and a typed version of the word (in both Spanish and English)
-Beautiful, colorful graphics
-The card sets SHUFFLE each time you go back in to play them (different every time!)
-The perfect app for increasing recognition and comprehension of familiar items in Spanish
-Over 130 cards!

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