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This is a fool your friends app, the idea is that Dave can answer any of the victim's personal questions as the owner of the device is writing the answer in a tricky hidden way,

- Dave first has to be begged to allow you to write the question, so every time you need to ask something you have to write the begging sentence or so the victim thinks, when the owner of the device hits capital f as in F, Dave automatically writes the begging sentence with every button you hit, so you can record the answer you want Dave to say and the victim thinks you are writing the begging sentence.

For example:
you know you'll ask dave where you are
so you can write first "F you are at home"
the victim will think you are writing "Dave I beg you to answer me"
and then you can ask the question "where are we dave?"
the answer will be "you are at home" with a evil soundeffect

A further note: you can use spaces if the begging sentence isnt complete and you finished your answer
for example if you wrote "F yes you are" or any shorter answer you want dave to say
the begging sentence would be like "Dave I beg yo" so to complete the sentence you can complete the answer with "F yes you are. " or you can put the spaces between the words so you wouldn't get caught. Please email me if the description is not clear, thanks.

Enjoy :)

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