Formal Living Room Escape

Formal Living Room Escape

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A chemistry professor resides in a formal flat. He conducts classes in his flat occasionally. He is strict in his teaching and punishes them severely.
One of his students, who hate the professor, locked him inside this formal room and thrown away the key. Now he has trapped inside this room. To open the door needs the duplicate key. But he the place, where he kept that key

Today there is an important press-meet; he has to go without fail. Help him find the duplicate key. Your task is to gather the items, combine them logically to have a GREAT ESCAPE!!!!

1.Various themed backgrounds
2.Mind blowing BGM
3.Easy Puzzles
4.Compatible to all devices.
5.It’s freee

***A guide to New Users***

•Collect the items by touching the desired items on the screen.

•The collected items will be saved in the inventory box.

•After collecting, zoom out to main screen using the arrow key, visible only when touch the bottom of the screen.

•Also check by touching the other side of the screen for the availability of more rooms. If so, visible arrow will appear and that will take you to that view.

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Walk Through

•Take the hammer from the cupboard below the flower vase.

•Tap wall Frame and use the hammer to take a Nail.

•Go left, Get a key from the books, near the Alarm Clock.

•Get the Candle from the cupboard.

•Get the cutting plier from the cupboard, placed near the window.

•Tap the Water Bottle to get the Glass.

•Go to left, collect the Vinegar, Funnel, Beaker, conical flask and hydrogen peroxide.

•Tap the Door to enter the kitchen.

•Get Cool Drink, Lemon and Water Bottle from the refrigerator.

•Get the Baking Soda, bowl and a spoon from the kitchen.

•Go right twice, Use the key to open the left drawer and take a Matchbox.

•Click the Bowl, drag the Candle and Use the matchbox to light the candle.

•Now drag the Water bottle and pour the water.

•Drag the Beaker to the bowl and note the clue “75”.

•Go left, use the clue 75 to open the drawer and get the spool of Copper Wire and Ammeter.

•Tap the Spool of Copper wire, drag the Cutting Plier and take a piece of wire.

•Tap the wire and use the cutting plier to bend it and join it with the lemon.

•Drag the Nail and connect it to lemon. In turn connect the lemon with Ammeter and note the no. 834.

•Tap the cool drink and drag the spoon, Baking Soda, Glass and then Hydrogen Peroxide.

•Open the cool drink cap and use the spoon and Baking Soda.

•Now open the cap of Hydrogen Peroxide.

•Click the Cool drink cap and mix well and take the cool drink.

•Click the door near the Cupboard and drag out the Cool Drink bottle.

•Use the number 834 to open the drawer and get a balloon.

•Tap the Conical Flask, drag Balloon, Funnel, Vinegar and Baking Soda.

•Mix the Baking soda and Vinegar in the funnel. And blow the balloon to get the clue 549.

•Use the number 549 in living room drawer and take the key.

•Use the key to open the door and escape.

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Comments and ratings for Formal Living Room Escape
  • (61 stars)

    by Irene Scott Moran on 15/04/2014

    Really loved this one - quite sneaky !

  • (61 stars)

    by Boo Shell on 08/02/2014

    This is a fun app. No problems.

  • (61 stars)

    by Javier Cali on 01/02/2014

    I hate it

  • (61 stars)

    by Andy Pena on 19/01/2014

    It is so cool I like to play it all day and every night it is so fun I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (61 stars)

    by Deana Cooksey on 15/01/2014

    I cant get my inventory stuff put on screen

  • (61 stars)

    by D Williams on 13/01/2014

    Fast and fun

  • (61 stars)

    by Maria Santoyo on 01/01/2014