Galaxy Space Fight 3D



-Watch as space mayhem occurs right between your eyes. Also watch countless videos on NASA as they launch space shuttles, the journey from the space shuttle right up to space, how the people train before their big launch debut, the components of an aircraft carrier, the different parts of the international space station, how do they do things up there and of course



Puzzle: In this puzzle game, solve the various components of an aircraft carrier, the shuttles, the headcrafts, the suits and the nebulas, the stars and many more. You have to move around the puzzle pieces to be able to solve it!
Memo Game: In this game, you have to remember the different types of pictures or images there are in the given memo game box and you have to turn them up 1 by one. You have to turn the same picture at the same time, which is two of the same pictures at the same time so that you accumulate points and win!
Block game: Play with a series of blocks and make them drop down to the base. Earn more points as you secure each level with every increase in level; the game has an increase in difficulty too!

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