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A choose your own adventure story which puts you in the middle of the life of a gangster. Work your way up the criminal world to become the top crime boss. You’re given options and if you choose the wrong thing then you might get whacked by a mafia hitman. Choose right and you’ll end up as the kingpin.


Chapter One - You’re a mafia hitman and you like to get your hands dirty. Only being a gangster is complicated and you’ve got to decide who you can trust, your life depends on it.
Chapter Two - You start to climb the criminal ladder but you’ve got to earn some respect before your fellow gangsters treat you like Tony Soprano.
Chapter Three - An opportunity to import a new drug called Grunk comes up, but you’ve got to do business with a crazy Russian to get your hands on it.
Chapter Four - Life gets more and more complicated even though your crime empire is growing.
Chapter Five - There’s a chance for you to become the top criminal in the country but with great power comes great responsibilities.
Chapter Six - You’ve got a lot of heat coming from the cops, make the right decision or you’ll be going away for a long time.


This is the premium edition of Gang Land - You Decide. It includes all the chapters of the story and has eight possible endings to the last chapter - so you can decide which way the adventure ends. It is completely ad free. You can download a free, ad-supported version that will let you play the first three chapters, to give you a taste of the story.


Sopranos, Scarface, Goodfellas, Boardwalk Empire, The Godfather part 1 & 2 (not 3), Breaking Bad, Grand Theft Auto, most Pacino or DeNiro films and gangster stories generally.


These are choose your own adventure games which don't take themselves too seriously. While the low tech style is hardly going to blow your mind, the the funny story lines will keep you entertained. They're written by James Winterbottom, author of the novel Someone Else's Dream.


This game is rated as mature - it contains needless swearing, dubious morality and mindless violence - it’s a gangster story, what do you expect?

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