get the right ball



Please try this new game. I made by my self, im not a game company. This is a free game, so u dont have anything to loose downloading this game. The game is really good and adcting, isnt easy.

Thank u for help me!!!!

Be fast isnt enough for this game. You have to keep one eye on the balls that are falling and the other on the color of the ball that you have to get.

You start with only one color and increase one color each 2 levels up. And the ball`s fall speed increase with the level.

There are about 9 diferent color`s ball.

This is one of the most challenge game on play store. And very adctive, becouse you gonna try to break your ouwn record.

Let`s play that new game!!!!!!!!!!

game resolution: 800 x 480 pixels

Tags: abola dirito , abola direicto

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