Gravulous - Highly Addictive!



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"it is fun, and the need to surpass your previous record is compulsive."

The Portable gamer
"Great graphics, online leader board, insanely addictive."

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Game Notes:

Only YOU have the power to free planets from the largest black hole in space… the deadly Gravulous! Hurtle new planets through space, bouncing off other planets and the sides of the screen until they expend their energy and come to rest. Once stopped, planets that expand until they touch another planet or the screen edges and the void of space slowly fills up.

Shoot existing planets to crack them… another hit, and the planet begins breaking apart- glowing from its very core. After 3 direct hits, the planet is vaporized and new space is opened for more planets.

Rack up a high score by constantly creating planets and destroying them to make room for more. Don’t get caught in the Gravulous’ deadly pull! If a moving planet enters the inner ring, the Gravulous is activated and all planets get sucked into its core.

Like an interstellar cross between marbles and pool, Gravulous is easy to pick up and play, impossible to master, and maddeningly addictive! Gravulous will change everything you thought you knew about the universe… space is NOT infinite!


• Unique, casual gameplay with simple controls
• Endless replay value
• Great graphics and sounds

Recommended for fans of Gimme Friction Baby. Based on a concept by Wouter Visser.

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