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"Greenboy Touch is a charming new game by 12 year Irish dev Jordan Casey" - Terry Cavanagh creator of VVVVVV and Super Hexagon
From the creator of Alien Ball VS Humans and Alien Ball VS Humans 2:Holiday:
Greenboy Touch is finally here! The latest game from 12 year old Jordan Casey and Casey Games.
*While small game, this is currently our main priority, what we work on now are future updates, worlds and levels
*Based on the original web game Greenboy
Greenboy Touch is the latest game from Indie Game Studio, Casey Games.The company consists of
12 year old Jordan Casey.Greenboy touch is an expanding Puzzle game.For a limited time on iOS Greenboy Touch will be free.Many many updates are planned and after a while the game will cost.So, it’s best to get it early.In the game, you are Greenboy.You wake up, deserted in a forest, miles from your home, not even the slightest clue where you are.You must complete different puzzles and speak to different people who will (most of the time) help you get home.World 1 is available in the first release, including a sneak peek of the gameplay of world 2.
Once again, I would like to thank you for all the support

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