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Guess the panel are puzzles from the TV show "Wheel of Fortune."

Test your knowledge and try to guess the phrase, song, movie... Solve the 500 puzzles from the famous TV game "The Wheel of Fortune". Don't hesitate to solve the puzzle at any time, the early you solve it the better.

It's a simple, addictive and funny game for kids and grown ups.

Types of panels:
Song & Artist

Play like the wheel of fortune / luck.
2 modes of playing.
5 levels of difficulty.
500 different panels.
8 type of panels
It takes up little space.
Compatible with tablets.
Online score (Twitter).

How to play:
You'll have to solve the 10 panels form each round before running out of credits.

When you know the puzzle or want to solve the panel, click on the solve button and type the missing letters to complete the panel (during that time credits will not be substracted, if you're wrong you'll lose the game.

THE GREAT PANEL: You will have to solve 10 panels from the 500 possible panels.

Will you be able to solve the Great board ¿?

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