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Welcome to the multilingual Hangman (EN FR ES PT)

You have to guess the hidden word by choosing letters. A part of the body of the hangman is drawn each time you miss a letter, if the body gets completed you lose.

There are 4 languages available on Hangman, that you can select on the main menu:

- English
- French
- Spanish
- Portuguese

Hangman Game modes:

- 1 player: In this mode the words are randomly picked based on the selected language, when you guess the right word you continue to another word. If you lose your Hangman game score goes back to 0.

- 2 player: In this mode you can challenge a friend to play with you. You can play with random words (just like in player 1 mode) alternating between each player or you can pick your own words in the beginning of the other player's turn.

There are two difficulty modes available on Hangman:

- normal
- easy

If you are not comfortable in a specific language choose "easy" on the options screen, to have more chances of guessing the word.

More than 100.000 words are available, enjoy the Hangman!

If you have any question or suggestion contact us!

Enjoy Hangman, it will always be free!

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